It's often spoken now in these days that “The Woman” Can be

  1. Empowering

By any means this won’t be a long article, but I will touch on each point briefly to see whether it is a good thing for the everyday woman to have an American independent mindset…

Little about me BTW; I’m a bible believer. My standpoint will be based on understanding of scripture. This being said, though you see a Beautiful black woman to the ->, This is for any woman who fits these criteria REGARDLESS of race.



  • Today’s (Millennial) Generation has been far separated from the traditional nuclear family as once popularly stated back during the Baby Boom Generation. During the Baby Boom Generation, the thought was that of a traditional and honest order in the home… (1st. Man, 2nd. Woman. 3rd. Children) {Also reference, 1 Corinthians 11:3–5}. Why use the title Empowering and what does that mean for this current day's woman?

I want you to pay attention, not to the definition, but also the highlighted portions. Notice these synonyms and what title is being used to describe this type of woman. For our beloved sisters/woman, this would indicate that they are shackled to having to obey and fall underneath man's authority, however, her role isn’t to be the top dog on the planet; Women back in the day understood this with absolute clarity. (Colossians 3:18 For reference) I want you to meditate on what’s being said here and read between the lines about how far society has fallen from a common and ancient order we’ve abandoned.


  • Let's start with the definition shall we…
  • I’d like to start breaking down this title by saying that the reason most woman think this way, is due to them believing that being ‘MODERN’ is a help to the society as we further along generation after generation. Modern (In brief) Is when you forsake traditional values and ancient paths in order to be “up to date” or “Modern”. Nothing is wrong with a woman that knows how to take care of herself; NOTHING IS WRONG WITH A WOMAN THAT KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HERSELF, but something is wrong with thinking that you can survive your life safely and happily without your protection, which is the man.


  • I’ll bother not to screenshot the definition for this one (seeing that it’s a pretty common word today). Instead, I will briefly mention this:

4. Domineering

  • This is “asserting one’s will over another in an arrogant way.”


  • As per the definition, so is the mindset.


This woman need not say that there are no good men out there if she herself has not examined herself first. Don’t make broad statements about the other gender when the pool you pick from is VERY selected and always in the same category. You attract people like the way you act. Be mindful of your actions and, please don’t take this as slander. This article is for you to look at self, if it's not you, then let the water roll off your back. But, if it is, self-assess and GET BETTER. Keep what skills you’ve learned and ADD THEM TO THE REALATIONSHIP, NOT TEAR THEM AWAY.



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